Answers to the Most Frequently asked Question



  • Age eligibility is determined by the age the player will be on August 1 of the tournament year.  For the 2018 tournaments, use August 1, 2018 to determined eligibility.
    Q. If a player was held back in school, can he/she play with his/her grade level instead of the age level?
    A. During local league play, leagues may choose to allow players to play with their classmates. However, for regional and national tournaments, players must play in the correct age group as determined as of August 1st of the tournament year.



  • Q. Can girls play on the boy’s all-star team?
    A. The only way that girls can play on a boy’s All-Star team is if their town does not provide a separate girls league. If there is a girl’s league, then girls cannot play on the boy’s teams.



  • In the American and Continental Divisions, All-Star players must live within the boundary area of your local school district, or attend school in your school district.
  • Q. If a neighboring town does not have a Little Dribbler league, can a child from that town play on our All-Star team?
    A. NO. In the Continental and American Divisions, All-Star Players must live in or attend school in your school district.

All-Star Teams


Q. My league is in the Continental Division.  I have one team with only 7 players.  Can I get a waiver on the requirement to have 8 players.

  • A.  No.  Waivers will not be given.  
    In the Continental Division, All-Star teams must qualify 8 players the first game.
    In the American and National Divisions, teams must qualify 10 players. (See Tournament Rules and Special Playing Rules under the Rules and Regulations tab)