A. Facilities: Each host league must provide adequate basketball facilities, at the dates and times scheduled for the tournament. To host a Junior League tournament, you must provide the 8½ ft. goals. All gyms must be equipped with working game clock and scoreboard.

B. Officials: The host league for tournament games will provide two qualified officials currently in good standing with the official state organization for the area (TASO). Each official must be familiar with all Special Little Dribblers playing rules including the official comment on Zone Defense. Tournament directors should meet with all officials to go over the Special Little Dribbler rules prior to starting the tournament. Officials who reside in the host city shall not call games involving the host teams.

C. Double Elimination: All tournaments shall be double elimination until the championship game, unless stated otherwise.

D. Special Playing Rules: All Special Little Dribblers Playing Rules are applicable to tournament competition.

E. Housing and Meals: Team coaches both in state and out of state must make their own housing arrangements. Meals and housing for the players are the responsibility of the team.

F. Trophies: Individual trophies will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams at each level of tournament play. The Tournament Host is required to provide trophies to 1st and 2nd place teams. The tournament host can opt to provide medals or other forms of awards to the 3rd place teams. A maximum of 12 trophies will be provided to the winning teams.

G. Awards: Individual awards such as “most valuable player” and “all-tournament player” are not selected.

H. Protests: The Official Tournament Director of each tournament shall decide any protests regarding tournament competition. A Little Dribblers’ Basketball, Inc. National Office Representative will be available to consult on protests. Protest which involve the host team will be decided by the National Office Representative. Judgment calls of the official cannot be protested
Appeals: Appeals of the Tournament Directors decision may be made with a $100 fee payable to the Tournament Director.

I. Age documentation: Proof of age documents must accompany all players to each tournament. Only Original Birth Certificates or Certified Birth Certificates will be accepted. Photocopied or scanned documents of any kind will not be accepted. The tournament director shall check all birth certificates prior to the teams’ first game. Teams will not be allowed to take the court until birth certificates have been checked.

J. Hosting: Priority in hosting tournaments is given to the leagues who have been in Little Dribblers the longest and who have not recently hosted a tournament. Experience in hosting tournaments (good or bad) is strongly considered in awarding the tournaments.

K. Playing Rules: Playing Rules for tournament competition are the same as for local league play. These rules are set out in Special Little Dribblers Playing Rules 1-11, inclusive.

L. Host League: The host league must agree in writing to abide by these tournament rules.

M. Playing Periods: Quarters will be six (6) minutes in length.

N. Overtime: Each overtime period shall be two (2) minutes in length.

O. Technical Fouls: Technical Fouls for Special Little Dribbler Playing Rules will not count as a player foul. It shall count as a team foul. All technical fouls shall be two shots.

P. Time Outs: Each team shall be allowed three (3) full time outs only. One time out will be added for each overtime period. Any unused time outs from regulation play may be used during overtime play.

Q. Admission: LDB National Headquarters must approve Admission prices for Little Dribblers Regional and National tournaments. The tournament host shall notify headquarters in writing of their proposed admission fees. Tournament prices will be posted on the Little Dribblers’ Basketball, Inc. web site.