Code of Conduct:

In order to ensure that the principals of sportsmanship, fair play, skill development, and mutual respect among players, coaches officials and spectators are the primary consideration governing competition in the Little Dribblers' association, the following Code of Conduct has been established:

Please acknowledge your understanding and willingness to abide by the Code of Conduct by reading and signing this form. 

  1. I acknowledge that my primary responsibility is to foster the stated purpose Little Dribblers Basketball, which is to promote a healthy, pleasant and safe environment for youth to participate in basketball. In order to fulfill my obligation I will:
    • Fully abide by the policies, rules and guidelines set forth by the league
    • Respect the game officials and refrain from communicating with them in an abusive manner, 
    • Encourage the team and fans to conduct themselves with sportsmanship and maturity at all times while attending Little Dribbler games and practices.
    • Assist the game officials in maintaining control of spectators during games. 
    •  Be a positive role model for players by never:
      • Using or tolerating obscene language and gestures
      • Physically or verbally intimidating a player;
      • Making discriminating remarks based on race, religion, gender or national origin;
      • Consuming or allowing the consumption of alcohol or be inebriated state during
        practices, games or whenever in the presence of players;
      • Encouraging, tolerating or indulging in substance abuse
      • Smoking or using tobacco products during team activities (practice, games, travel time, etc.);
  2. I will not knowingly allow a player to play in a game if that player does not meet the guidelines for eligibility.
  3. I fully understand that basketball should be a fun rewarding and positive experience for all participants.
  4. I will insure that all assistant coaches under my authority will abide by the Code of Conduct;
  5. I will inform parents of all practice and game times and will inform both players and parents of my expectations.
  6. I understand and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct and understand that any violations will result in disciplinary action from the Board of Directors. I agree to abide by all the provisions set forth.

Please acknowledge your understanding and willingness to abide by the Code of Conduct

I hereby pledge to have a positive attitude and to be responsible for my participation in Little Dribblers Basketball by following this Code of Conduct:

  1. I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and parents at every game and practice.
  2. I will attend every practice and game that is reasonably possible and notify my coach if I cannot.
  3. I will do my very best to listen and learn from my coaches. I will treat my coaches with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or abilities and Will expect to be treated accordingly.
  4. I Will never use obscene language or gestures.
  5. I will never be physically or verbally intimidating, abuse or assault the other players.
  6. I deserve to play in an alcohol, tobacco, and drug free environment and I will conduct myself in a way that all of my teammates will have this opportunity as well.
  7. I will encourage my parents to be involved with my team in some way because it is important to me.
  8. I will do my best in school. I understand that my grades may be checked to determine eligibility.
  9. I will remember that sports are an opportunity to leam and have fun.
  10. I agree that as a member of a Little Dribbler team, I will respect other people s propenty, authority, and laws governing my actions.

I understand and am willing to comply with the Code of Conduct set forth above. I understand that failure to do so will result in reprimands by my coach, or the Board of Directors. Reprimands may include but are not restricted to: verbal reprimand, suspension from play, and expulsion from current and future Little Dribbler activities.

I have read and fully understand the Code of Conduct and agree to abide by all the provisions set forth above.

Parent Code of Conduct Coming Soon.