Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc . is administered by a Board of Directors through its National Headquarters located at 911 Houston, Levelland, Texas 79336.

Requirements for Becoming A Chartered Little Dribblers League:

In order to register with Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc. leagues must complete the online registration at Once registration is complete and all fees have been paid, the league will become a Chartered Little Dribbler League. Becoming a Chartered league enables the league to claim their particular boundary area (as determined by their local school district boundary area) solely for their league. No other Little Dribbler league may cross their boundary lines for purposes of claiming player. Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc. will not allow any other Little Dribbler league to register for that boundary area. As long as a Chartered league remains in good standing, registers each year and pays all fees, their boundary area is protected for teh sole use of their league.

  1. Registration - all registration must be completed online. By submitting the Registration Application, leagues are agreeing to abide by all Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc. Rules and Regulations. they are certifying that all information provided is correct. 
  2. Fees - Annual Registration Fees are determined by the particular division. A separate registration fee is required for boys and girls. Fees can be paid online using a credit card or by a mail check. 
Continental - $300
American - $400
National - $400


All teams must be covered by group accident and liability insurance before the team will be permitted to compete in any Little Dribblers' competition. Approved accident and liability insurance coverage will be available through Little Dribblers' Basketball Headquarters by a licensed insurance carrier. Insurtance inoformation will be available on the website. Leagues must have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc. prior to any tournament play. 

Programs, Divisions, Leagues, Teams and Players 

Programs: The organization provides separate, but identical programs for both boys and girls.

  • Divisions: The programs are classified into three divisions based on the size of the school district based on the UIL of Texas District Classification.
  • Continental Division: Schools with a total high school enrollment of 314 & under.
  • American Division: Schools with a total high school enrollment of 315 - 1059.
  • National Division: Schools with a total high school enrollment of 1060 and up. 
    This division is also opened to non-league teams as well as leagues that do not want to be limited to one particular school district. 
1 A 104 and below Continental
2 A 105 - 219 Continental
3 A DIVISION 2 220 - 314 Continental
3 A DIVISION 1 315 - 464 American
4 A 465 - 1059 American
5 A 1060 - 2099 National
6 A 2100 and up National 

Leagues: Local Little Dribblers leagues are governed by their local Board of Directors. The local league has complete jurisdiction of the administration of the local league, selection of players, selection of coaches and disputes regarding local league play. the national Headquarters will only correspond with the local league president of each league. All questions, rules interpretations and changes to teams in the Regional or National Tournaments, must come from the local league president. If the local president wishes to authorize someone else to be the correspondent for their league, the president must notify the National Headquarters in writing.

Teams: Each team, in local league play, shall consist of a minimum of six (6) players, and a maximum of (10) players.


  1. the league age of a player is determined as of August 1st of the tournament year involved. A players grade is school is not used to determine the correct playing age of a player. Only players who meet the age eligibility based on their date of birth can participate on the Tournament All - Star team in each age division.
  2. In order to be eligible to compete on an All - Star Team, players must play at least 50% of local league games in the age division for that All - Star Team.
  3. A player shall only play on one Little Dribblers' All - Star team in a specific tournament.
  4. Little Dribblers" Basketball, Inc. highly recommends that Little Dribblers leagues support and follow their local school districts policy of No Pass No Play.

Coaches / Board Members / Volunteers:
Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc. strives to insure that all adults that have direct access to children, no not have a history of behavior that can prove to be detrimental to children. Each individual league is responsible for selecting coaches and board members that will provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment for children. Little Dribblers' Basketball, Inc. requires all leagues to certify in writing that they have completed a criminal  background check on all coaches and volunteers. Little Dribblers' Basketball will provide leagues with the resources which they can use to obtain the background checks. League Board of Directors should review the LDB Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy with all coaches and volunteers prior to them working with children. 

All competition, local, district, state, regional, national or international, shall be played under the jurisdiction of Little Dribblers' Basketball Inc. Headquarters.

Proof of Age Documentation
Every player enrolled on a Little Dribblers' Basketball roster must provide proof of age to his / her local league administers prior to their fist scheduled game. The following documents are accepted as proof of age:

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Certified Birth Certificate - this can be purchased from your County Clerk or other designated official in charge of vital records.
  3. Original Passport
  4. For children born outside of the United States that do not have an original birth certificate, contact the National Office for Acceptable forms of proof of age eligibility.

Player Information:
Leagues the purchase of insurance through Little Dribblers' Basketball must provide a list of all local league players and coaches that will be covered under the policy. The player must be submitted via email. We will accept the player information in any digital format. (Excel, Word, etc.)

League Master Schedule:
All leagues are required to have a schedule of all league games. The schedules should be kept on file with the league president. The National office may request a copy of the schedule if a conflict or protest arises.