About Little Dribblers

Little Dribblers’ Basketball, Inc. was founded in 1969 in Levelland, Texas. The program that started in one community has spread throughout the country. Since its beginning, Little Dribblers’ Basketball has had leagues in almost every state as well as Mexico. Currently, most of our leagues are located inTexas.

Little Dribblers’ Basketball leagues are designed to provide a positive, fun environment for all of the children in the community who have a sincere desire to learn the game of basketball. Unlike some youth basketball programs that focus on a few highly skilled players, Little Dribblers’ invites all boys and girls to be a part of the learning experience.

Players learn the game and develop basketball skills during practices and games that focus on the fundamentals of basketball. Just like an infant must crawl before they walk, children playing basketball must learn the correct way to dribble, shoot a layup, pass and play man-to-man defense before they are ready shoot a 3-point shot, play zone defense and face a full court press. Our rules are designed to ensure that all players participate and have an opportunity to successfully practice these skills. TheSpecial Playing Rules for the Junior Division (10 and under) provides an environment where young player can practice their newly learned skills and gained self-confidence in their ability.

Little Dribblers’ Basketball divides leagues by the size of their school district. This ensures that leagues compete against other leagues of similar size. Once local leagues complete their season, leagues select All-Star Teams to participate in the Regional Tournament. The top two teams in each RegionalTournament Bracket advance to the National Tournament. Each year, Little Dribblers’ crowns aNational Champion in each age division.

A successful Little Dribbler league will work hand and hand with their community and their school district. School basketball programs benefit by having a group of young boys and girls who have the fundamental skills that a school coach can build upon. Each year, many of the schools that are have teams in the Texas State Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament, also have a strong Little Dribbler local league.

The ultimate goal of Little Dribblers’ Basketball, Inc. is not to develop outstanding basketball players; it is to develop outstanding young men and women who can play great basketball. This is done teaching your players cooperation, team work, communication and citizenship along with, dribbling, shooting and defense.